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Hydrapneumatic Lubricators is a renowned supplier of Hydraulic Hose Tubing, Hydraulic oils
and Hose designs, supplying in and around Johannesburg.

Hydrapneumatic Lubricators supplies stainless braided, normal and high pressure hoses which are manufactured by an experienced team of experts.
We also manufacture Hydraulic oils to work more efficiently with our Hydraulic Hose Tubing , minimizing repairs increasing the lifespan of our quality hydraulics.

We pride ourselves in offering value for money, keeping the client happy is on the top of our Priority list.
The testimonies we have of our services is proof enough that we are the best in the country.

Hydrapneumatic Lubricators G& H Hydraulics has a wide range of tubing hoses (all types of hoses) and accessories to go with.
This includes High pressure, braided, Cleaning, Thermoplastic, Push Lock and a wide variety of hose accessories.